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Nico Associates

Nico Associates

Founded in 2007, Nico Associates has grown into a full-service digital marketing firm. We create, implement and maintain businesses online presence from websites to social, on computers to iphones. We help businesses create online marketing plans based off of their business goals using digital strategies that focus on content management, customer engagement, search engine optimization, social media platforms, and online advertising.


We apply tactics that will have measurable KPI to ensure optimal communication alignment through the correct distribution channels of websites, social, and mobile mediums.


Nico Associates

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Making a website more interesting with the use of visual aids such as video and photos is a smart way to capture the attention of people that visit your site. Some of the bigger online marketing strategy firms, such as Nico.Associates, have begun to advise their clients to incorporate more visually stimulating elements into their web pages. The simple fact is that there are thousands of websites out there today that offer similar products or services as your own company, no matter what area of an industry you are involved in. The battle to create more captivating web content has gotten pretty fierce in recent years. Many companies have begun to place videos on their site, the most common of which is the short introduction video which tells site visitors about the company and what they do. The videos aimed at presenting a company to their clients should be short, (no longer than 45 seconds) and they should feature visually stimulating content that inspires interest in their company. Apart from using video, the use of photography is also a popular choice today. Companies routinely hire a professional photographer to come to their office, or to where their products are made in order to get some quality photographs of their people, or their process. In the past, the principal design for most company websites was mainly graphic design, but that no longer has the ability to draw interest from today’s difficult to please web surfer. Creating a professional catalogue of photos, or a short video about the company may be expensive, but it is something that can be used for years to come, as well as doing a tremendous deal to creating a better internet site.

There may also be a lot to gain by using a professional website design service, instead of just having someone with web design make a site for your company. There are a few major advantages about having a professional web service create a site for a company, but the most important reason of all is the fact that professional online website designers know how to create sites which work well within a specific industry. The kind of website that is going to work well for a doctor’s office, is not going to have the same results when applied to an area like tourism, or cleaning services. Each individual area of business requires a specific type of web design that is aimed at the customers of that area of business.  Even if people are in touch with how to create a functioning website, those outside of the industry will not know the intricate differences that are required for different types of companies. A modern web developer is not just great at creating a website, they are experts when it comes to knowing the current climate for people that use different types of services, or who purchase different types of products. Companies should consider the fact that using a professional will almost certainly lead to a web design that is better fitted for their areas of business, and ultimately bring in more customers.

These are the things your digital marketing agency should be doing for you.

If you have made the decision to hire an outside marketing company to help you the strongest marketing plan possible, good choice! It just makes good business sense to outsource something like marketing that requires such specific and intentional expertise. If you are not a company with a marketing department or people on staff who can help make this possible, then your resources and time are best spent working with a company that can do that for you in ways that you did not imagine were possible! When you have made this decision, you must be thoughtful and intentional about the company you hire to do this for you. After all, there are many companies that will say that they are the best team for the job. There are so many different kinds of marketing and advertising that it is easy to think one company can do it all when in reality they are only truly equipped to do a certain type of marketing well. There are some qualifications and some skills that you should look for in your marketing company before you decide to hire them on. After all, when you are outsourcing and spending your precious dollars on something, you need to feel confident that this something is going to give you the kind of satisfaction and return on your investment that you have been looking for. One company that truly does it right is Nico Associates They are truly your one stop marketing agency, with expertise in everything from event management to web design to branding. They are the ones that will truly be able to take your company's marketing plan to the next level. These are the qualities that you should be looking for in a digital marketing agency to be sure you are getting all the things you need:

  1. Strong brand marketing: As part of your overall marketing plan, a strong awareness and intention around branding must be present. After all, your brand is your biggest asset in many ways. Being sure that your brand is getting the attention and the investment that it needs is critical as you are identifying the right marketing agency to work with.
  2. Strong web design: Any good marketing agency must also be a strong website design agency. Without a strong website, the rest of your marketing plan will be much less successful. Strong marketing requires that strong web design on which your whole company will hinge. You can count on a marketing company to do right by you when they first want to assess the functionality and design of your website.
  3. Follow up growth: A good digital marketing company isn't one that simply sets you up with a new website and leaves, as if to say "good luck!". A truly strong digital marketing team wants to see your company bloom and grow. It is with this in mind that you can see great development in your website design when you choose to work with a company like Nico Associates, which is committed to help your company bloom and grow!